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Why you need a ceiling fan

A ceiling fan is a fantastic addition to any space. Far from only being able to cool down a room, there are lots of other (often surprising) reasons why you need a ceiling fan. Here are just a few of the benefits that fans can offer.


1. You can actually generate warmer air in winter

Ceiling fans are mostly associated with providing a cooling breeze throughout summer. But did you know they can also be surprisingly valuable for warming your home during winter? 

In summer, you can place your fan on the summer setting. This means that the blades move in a counter-clockwise direction, which forces air directly down and helps cool your space. In winter, you can switch to the winter setting. This reverses the blades so they move in a clockwise direction and gently draw air up towards the ceiling. This then forces warm air down and out towards the walls. 

2. You can save energy and money at the same time

One of the greatest advantages of ceiling fans is that they're incredibly energy efficient. In fact, most ceiling fans only use about as much power as a 60-watt light bulb, which equates to a running cost of less than 1 cent per hour. So not only are you reducing your energy consumption, but you're also saving money at the same time.

And by using those seasonal settings mentioned earlier, you can save even more money. Proper air circulation in a room, provided by a ceiling fan, can make you feel up to 8 degrees cooler. It can also reduce air conditioning bills by up to 40%.

If you use your ceiling fan in conjunction with your heater during winter, the fan can also help circulate warm air throughout the room. This means your heater doesn't need to run for as long or at a very high heat setting, helping you save even more on your heating bills.


3. A ceiling fan adds a stylish touch

While ceiling fans are no doubt functional, they can also act as an eye-catching design feature. Ceiling fans are available in a wide variety of materials, finishes, colours and styles to suit a range of interiors, so you're bound to find one that matches – or provides a striking contrast to – your space.

4. Ceiling fans help keep mozzies at bay

During summer, it's not just the searing heat that we all have to battle; it's often pesky mozzies, too. The great news is that ceiling fans can actually help deter mosquitoes.

Mozzies aren't particularly strong flyers, so the air current created by a ceiling fan makes it difficult for them to fly steadily. You might find that if you use a ceiling fan at night, you'll enjoy a better night's sleep and significantly fewer bites come morning!


5. They have a few more advantages over AC units

Aside from being more energy efficient and cheaper to run, ceiling fans have a few more advantages over air-conditioning units. 

First of all, ceiling fans are generally easier to install. Where air-conditioning units require the installation of ducts, wiring and external equipment, at most ceiling fans usually only need a bit of extra wiring. If you're going for a remote-controlled ceiling fan, installation is even easier, as no extra wiring is required.

Air conditioning is also a much stronger cooling option. It can cause things like dry skin and sore throat, and aggravate allergies. Ceiling fans, on the other hand, are a gentler alternative.

Add to that the fact that fans often come with in-built light fixtures and can be used outdoors, and it quickly becomes obvious that a ceiling fan is practically a no-brainer!

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