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Our 10 step DIY Advent Calendar

December is here, which means it's officially time to deck the halls, dress the tree and put on the Christmas tunes! Making your home feel lovely and festive is all about the beautiful personal touches you bring to your space that make Christmas truly unique for you and your family. This DIY Advent Calendar cleverly put together by our Junior Stylist Allira Bell is the perfect way to personalise an age-old Christmas tradition and enjoy the countdown to Christmas Day.


You'll need:


  • A tree ornament like the one we've used, or something to act as a frame - you could use this Driftwood Stacked Tree, this Eco Birch Twig Tree or even something like this Photo ladder with the frames removed.

  • Baking paper

  • Scissors

  • Sewing cotton

  • A needle or sewing machine

  • Washi tape or pretty paper to decorate

  • Your favourite Christmas treats.


Step 1: Take some baking paper and measure out 12 (or 24 if you're doing a full advent) rectangles, which will form parcels for your advent treats to sit in. We went with 10cm by 15cm rectangles but you can make them smaller or larger depending on how many treats you need to fit inside.


Step 2: Cut your pre-measured rectangles out of the baking paper until you're left with 12 pieces of equal size.


Step 3: Fold each rectangle in half lengthways - this will start to form the shape of your parcels.


Step 4: Take a needle and some cotton thread (or your sewing machine if you have one) and sew one short and one long side of your parcel closed - leaving one end open. There's no need to be super precise here (particularly if you're sewing by hand!) just enough stitches to hold the parcel closed until it's time to rip it open is all that's needed.


Step 5: Place your chocolate (or whatever Christmas treat you choose!) inside your parcels. Try including one piece for each member of the family so that no-one feels left out each day.


Step 6: Pinch together the open side so the side seam is in the centre - giving your parcel a pyramid-type shape. Sew it closed to seal your treats inside.


Step 7: Now we want to add number tags to each parcel, for each day of the advent. First, choose some paper - we used plain white but you can use any paper you like! To form your tags, trace circles onto your paper to match the number of advent days you're going for - we used a bottle cap but you can use anything round you have that's about the size you'd like your tags to be. Cut out each circle and punch a hole in the top, to help you attach your tags to your parcels later.


Step 8: Now it's time to add numbers. Washi tape is a great option as it's easy to stick to each tag - we used this gold tape - but be as creative as you like! Choose tape that matches your Christmas colours, make numbers out of nice paper you have handy and a bit of glue, or get the kids to number and decorate each tag. We simply cut each number from 1-12 out of the tape and stuck them to the tags.


Step 9: Cut a long piece of cotton (about 30-60cm), thread it through your needle, double it over so you have two equal lengths and secure the two ends together with a knot. Take your needle and thread and sew the tags to the baking paper parcels - running the thread through the hole in your tag a couple of times, before tying in a knot to secure.


Step 10: Use the excess thread you have left after attaching your tags, to tie each parcel to your tree. We hung our parcels from different points of the tree and at different heights to create a pretty hanging display. Now pat yourself on the back for a DIY well done, display your advent calendar and enjoy the Christmas treats within!


This advent calendar is one that can truly be enjoyed by every member of the family. Try doing this project with the kids - letting them customise the numbers in bright colours or decorate each parcel with glitter or paint - and put a piece of chocolate in each parcel for each member of the family so no-one misses out each day.


Be sure to check out our great gift guides and festive essentials for every room in the house in our Christmas shop and head to our Instagram, Facebook and Christmas pinterest boards for more holiday season inspiration!

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