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Karen McCartney's Christmas Countdown - 1 week to go

Final Hurrah

You still have one full week but should now be on wind down.  You can look at those last minute shoppers hoofing around the city in the heat, brandishing their credit cards, with a quiet pity.  This week, depending on your menu you can do some food preparation and at the weekend you can pick up any groceries, fresh vegetables and have a congratulatory glass of champagne.

Happy Christmas.

We're adding to our Christmas Pinterest board every day, so visit for new ideas for decorating, wrapping and more this holiday season. Below is Karen's advice over the last 3 weeks, in case you're a little behind. 

2 weeks to go - School holidays - eek!

With kids on holiday, and maybe still working up to the last week this is a potentially stressful week. Check back in to your original list. Have you ordered flowers? Have the new sheets arrived? Do you have a pitcher for the  kid’s drink at the Christmas dinner? I know they are little things but are guaranteed to drive you mad on the day.  What tasks can you give to others to be responsible for?

3 weeks to go - Posting (as in the old-fashioned sense) 

You are now in pretty good shape which is just as well as the school holidays start soon. Anything that needs to be posted locally should  go this week. That means all your Christmas cards.  I do feel that in the increasingly digital age there is  still something great about receiving a beautiful card in the mail. It can be handmade and thoughtful or from one of the increasingly good-looking charity cards. At Oxfam you can customize your card. My personal favourite is Me and Amber where the cards are hand printed on 100% recycled paper.

4 weeks to go - The Tree & Santa (in that order) 

It seems that Christmas trees go up at all sorts of times from mid-November onwards. I, personally, go for first week in December driven by the demands of the children. They want a proper tree, the bigger and bushier the better. While I love the real thing I am also very drawn to the designer ply and cooler fake numbers on the market.

My daughter and I take care of the decorating and she is allowed to choose two new items a year to add to the collection. This year’s newbies are crochet covered baubles from The Society Inc. It is worth taking a look at what you have in terms of decorations and  doing an edit. Decide if you want to take the decorating in a different direction by leaving some out and adding new ones.  Also check lights for faults and wreaths for damage.This is also the week for sending the letters off to Australia Post's Santa mail. I love these letters. Ask the kids to do drawings on the letter and Xerox before sending off. They are good to look back on in Christmases to come.

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