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Our pampered pets

For Pet Appreciation Week, we give a shout-out to our beloved four-legged friends and share their favourite T&W pet products. Check out the cuteness.

Proud parent: Stuart, Category Manager
Unique traits: Belle can do a multitude of tricks including shake hands, high-five, stand-up on hind legs, and play 'guess which hand the treat is in'. She loves to hold hands and always wants to be picked up and held like a baby.
Fave product: Cloud Snug Pet Bed

Proud parent: Lucy, Head of Trade & Commercial
Unique traits: Bongo is 16, but still thinks he's 5. He's the loudest snorer in the house, very sweet-natured, but possibly losing his marbles as he barks constantly at imaginary birds in the garden.
Fave product: Grey Husky Snuggle Luxe Pet Throw

Proud parent: Christie, People & Culture Director
Unique trait: Coco actually thinks he's human and we don't have the heart to convince him otherwise.
Fave product: Gardner Shaggy Throw

Proud parent: Jo, Commercial Consultant
Unique trait: Dude by name, dude by nature. The most loving family dog ever. Just don't tell him he's not a person, he'll be devastated to learn that he's a dog.
Fave product: Multi-Coloured Bow Tie Cotton Dog Collar. Dude rocks a bow tie every day!

Proud parent: Georgia, Brand Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Unique traits: Stevie is more like a dog than a cat, with questionable coordination, enthusiasm for soccer and a fondness for cuddles.
Fave products: Sandy Palace II Carpet Cat Scratching Tree


Proud parent: Alex, Category Manager
Unique trait: Hamish is absolutely obsessed with kids. 
Fave product: Coco Faux Fur Fluff Nest Pet Bed

Neon & Nomad

Proud parent: Allira, Stylist
Unique traits: Super sassy Neon (the one with the darker coat) is an amazingly fast runner, while teddy bear Nomad loves to chase the sun. 
Fave products: Woven Alpaca Knee Rug & Grey Husk Dog Suede Sofa


Proud parent: Salima, Senior Financial Accountant
Unique traits: Ponchee was a stray kitten that we found in our neighbourhood a few years ago. She loves a good pat on the head, but if you scratch her belly, she bites!
Fave product: Morrin Inn IV Carpet Cat Scratching Tree


Proud parent: Brooke, ​Category Manager 
Unique trait: Tucker is practically half-human; I caught him trying to have a drink of water out of my glass the other day.
Fave product: Charlie's Hooded Dog Pad

Yoshi & Dixie Kong 
Proud parent: Mike, Chief Information Officer
Unique traits: Yoshi (the one with the darker coat) and Dixie (with white paws) follow us everywhere... they're at our feet in the kitchen, in the study while we work from home, and even accompany us to the bathroom. 
Fave product: 2 Piece Multi-Coloured Stainless Steel Pet Bowl

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