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How to choose the perfect sofa colour for your living room

When it comes to designing your dream living room, choosing the right sofa colour can make all the difference. Whether you opt for a timeless neutral shade or a bold statement piece, the colour of your couch allows you to express your style and create a harmonious living space. Here, we'll walk you through the art of choosing the right sofa colour, with tips and tricks to help make your decision a breeze.


Consider your overall style

Before diving into the world of sofa colours, take a step back and assess your home's style. Is it modern and minimalistic? Rustic and cosy? Or a fusion of different influences? Your couch should harmonise with your existing decor, so choose a colour that resonates with the overall vibe you want to achieve.

What are the most popular sofa colours?

Timeless Neutrals

If you’re looking for a sofa colour that brightens your room, you can’t go wrong with neutral shades such as beige, grey, cream and white. Neutrals provide a clean canvas for you to experiment with decorative cushions and throws, though they can be harder to keep clean - so if you have kids or pets, a light-coloured sofa with a washable slipcover is a great option.


Beige: A warm and inviting choice, the sandy undertones of beige complement numerous interior styles, making it one of the most popular couch colours. Versatile beige sofas work well in traditional and contemporary settings, creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.
Grey: Light grey couches offer a cool and modern feel that can be styled with vibrant pops of colour for a dynamic look or other neutrals for a calming atmosphere.
White: The epitome of purity and minimalism, a white sofa brightens up any space and works wonders in rooms with abundant sunlight. Remember that a white couch will be harder to keep clean than other neural shades.
Cream: Classic cream sofas deliver a luxurious look that will hold up over time. Often described as ‘off white’, cream, like beige, is a warmer and more forgiving neutral shade. 

Dark Elegance

Darker sofa colours can bring an air of sophistication and depth to your living space. Consider hues like black, charcoal and navy to create a striking focal point.


Black: A black sofa exudes bold elegance and modernity. The perfect choice for those looking to make a powerful design statement - and hide all manner of evils.
Charcoal: If you’re not keen on black but are worried about light grey getting dirty, a charcoal grey sofa provides the best of both worlds, delivering a sense of depth that feels contemporary and intimate. 
Navy: There's nothing like a navy blue sofa to bring refinement to your living room. While navy suits tailored and more masculine looks, it is one of the most versatile shades of blue that can skew coastal to maximalist.

Nature Calling

Lush shades of brown and green make for great sofa colours, creating tranquil spaces that complement organic interior looks.


Brown: Brown sofas, especially rich brown leather sofas, summon a sense of classic luxury and warmth. They seamlessly blend with various interior styles, from rustic to industrial, and work well in rooms that hero timber and other natural materials.
Green: Green couches, whether in deep emerald or earthy olive tones, bring the tranquillity of nature indoors. They add a refreshing and calming atmosphere, especially when combined with botanical-inspired decor.

Bold & Bright

Vibrant sofa colours such as blue, pink or yellow are perfect for those craving a pop of personality. 


Blue: A striking blue sofa adds a splash of colour that commands attention. It works well as a focal point in contemporary interiors and adds to the oceanic feel of coastal decor.
Pink: Pink sofas bring a playful air of femininity to any space. Though a bold choice, pale and blush pink sofas can soften a room, especially when paired with creams and browns.
Sunset shades: Vibrant yellow, orange and red sofas create a cheerful living space that can lean a little retro.

Should my sofa match or contrast the walls?

Another key consideration when choosing a sofa colour is how your couch colour will interact with your wall colour. 
Matching: A couch that matches the wall colour creates a seamless, monochromatic look. This approach works well in small spaces, where a cohesive palette can make the room feel larger or for those aiming for a harmonious effect.
Contrasting: A contrasting sofa can create visual interest and a dynamic focal point. Ideal for larger rooms with neutral walls, allowing the couch to take centre stage.


Should I consider lighting when choosing a sofa colour?

Natural and artificial lighting can significantly influence how a colour appears in your space. When selecting a sofa colour, test certain hues under different lighting conditions throughout the day to see how they transform. A colour that looks stunning in natural light might appear different under artificial lighting when the sun sets. 


Check out our sofa buying guide for more tips on what to look for when choosing a couch.
Natalie Mell 15 August, 2023

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