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A-Z of Style: F is for Flowers


In the latest instalment of our A to Z of Style series, T&W Head of Styling Jessica Bellef talks all things floral. The perfect accessory for your spaces during spring, having fresh flowers in the house is one interiors trend that will never go out of style. Read on to find out some of Jess's favourite flower varieties and how she loves to use them.

Photography: French By Design, Floral design: Tulipina Photography: French By Design, Floral design: Tulipina

I believe in flower power.

They say ‘congratulations’, ‘thanks’ or ‘I’m sorry’ when we need them to. Their beautiful fragrance can trigger fond memories. The sight of them is an instant mood elevator. They make our kitchens look a little bit more special despite the dirty dishes in the sink and life admin piling up on the bench. As you flick through home tours in magazines or online, you will notice cut flowers dotted through the rooms. Whether the flowers are standing tall on a kitchen island, taking up prime position on a hallway console or even nestled on a bedside table, the crafty stylist behind the shot knows that the thoughtful touch of nature adds colour, texture and a sense of occasion.

Styled by: Jenni Farr, Photography by: Tarina Lyell. Styling: Jenni Farr, Photography: Tarina Lyell.

Setting the table at my grandparent's house for family get-togethers would always involve doing the rounds of the rambling garden and filling two crystal vases with a mix of whatever was in season. The overflowing backyard was filled with roses, hydrangeas, nasturtiums, camellias, lavender and the like and the arrangements were always loose and wild. The time of year was signposted by these floral centrepieces, with jonquils in winter and orange jasmine in summer, sitting above polished silverware and plates that imitated the shape of cabbage leaves.

Photography: Charissa Fay, Styling: Becca Interiors. Photography: Charissa Fay, Styling: Becca Interiors.

With approximately 400 000 types of flowering plants in the world, each with their own spectrum of colour and seasonality, the possible bouquet combinations are endless. What a daunting, and beautiful, thought! Some of these varieties will make a statement in a vase on their own but the true art of floral arranging is in the ability to create a balanced and harmonious bouquet of complimentary florals.

Just as a work of art requires a focal point to grab your eye, your arrangement also needs a hero element. Choose a sculptural flower with a strong shape and think about the rule of three - groups of odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye. Complement your hero floral with a fuller flower that brings weight and a mass of colour and texture to the arrangement. Balance this out with filler flower (smaller blooms that are mostly leaf and stem) and greenery. A variety of heights and textures will keep the arrangement interesting and of course, when it comes to colour, the choices are never ending!

Photograpy by: Brittany Ambridge, Design by: Julia Leach. Photograpy: Brittany Ambridge, Design: Julia Leach.

Some of my go-to florals:

Full blooms and sculptural varieties Filler & greenery
HydrangeasWax flowers
Billy buttonsMagnolia leaves
Magnolia blossomDusty miller
Orchids Grevillea

Photographs: India Hobson, Styling: Anna Potter. Photographs: India Hobson, Styling: Anna Potter.

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