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Inspiring inclusion at Temple & Webster's International Women's Day Panel

Temple & Webster celebrated International Women’s Day 2024 with a vibrant panel discussion featuring some of our female leaders, who brought their diverse experiences, perspectives, and wisdom to the table.

The event delved into topics such as gender equality and allyship to balancing the multifaceted demands of career and family life. It was an opportunity to hear firsthand about the challenges and rewards of pursuing leadership roles as a woman and gather practical advice for aspiring leaders. Here are some of the highlights from the event.

Seated from left: Julie Sutphen, Software Platform Architect; Christie McGuinness, Chief of Staff; Melinda Snowden, Independent Non-Executive Director; Hayley Copland, Customer Care Manager; Marie Pitre, Head of Data & Analytics. Standing from left: Liv Stacey, Senior Service Delivery Manager; Lucy Sutherland, Head of Trade & Commercial.

On the unique contributions women bring to the workplace

"Everyone has a unique contribution they can make in the workplace, regardless of how they identify, but something I've found that a lot of women have in common is resilience. A lot of us enter the workforce knowing that there’s a pretty high chance that we could be discriminated against or experience sexism at one point in our careers. But we show up, advocate for ourselves, for our colleagues and show a willingness to learn - that’s really powerful. Resilience is a skill everyone can use in their role as a leader or an individual. It shows we're able to bounce back, take risks, grow and develop." - Hayley Copland, Customer Care Manager

On strategies men can employ as allies to advance gender equality in the workplace

"The onus to make space for women in the workplace sits with everyone - it doesn’t just sit with women to demand it. Make sure to defer to women in your team, listen to their opinions and make them feel heard." - Liv Stacey, Service Delivery Manager

"Have women's backs. Be aware of your biases." - Hayley Copland, Customer Care Manager


On reducing feelings of Mum-guilt

"Pick the things that you are going to focus on and promise to your child that you will do, and then do them. And remember that if you're working and successful, your kids will be proud of you. It's good to be a role model for your children and show that you work hard, you're doing well, and you've had wins." - Lucy Sutherland, Head of Trade & Commercial

"Ensure you find the headspace when you're at home to be present so you can enjoy the quality time. " - Marie Pitre, Head of Data & Analytics 

On not feeling behind in your career when you return to work

"Work for a good organisation that understands parenthood is a part of life. Do what’s right for you and look for an organisation that supports you." - Melinda Snowden, Independent Non-Executive Director  

"When you can, and if you can, when you are on maternity leave, stay connected in any way you feel comfortable with, whether it's coming in to see your team or going to team-building events. It will help you feel like you know what's going on and give you confidence when you return to work." - Lucy Sutherland, Head of Trade & Commercial


Practical advice for women aspiring to move into leadership

"Something that has been shared with me as a way to grow is the 'PIE Model', which stands for performance, image and exposure. Spend a lot of time prioritising your image and exposure because performance is by no means the most important thing. Ask for stretch tasks, and put yourself out there." - Liv Stacey, Service Delivery Manager

"Fight the urge to be humble, share with your leader what you're doing really well and say yes to opportunities that let you share your strengths and successes outside of your day-to-day role." - Hayley Copland, Customer Care Manager

"Notice areas that need change and spend some time thinking about how they can be improved. Bring that to your leadership - if it's something you care about and you think you can add value to, see if it can be worked into your goals so you can grow and take on more responsibility in those areas." - Julie Sutphen, Software Platform Architect

"Find a good mentor who can help guide you." - Lucy Sutherland, Head of Trade & Commercial

"Find another you. If you see someone and you think 'Wow I want to do what you’re doing', just approach them and ask 'How did you do it?'” - Melinda Snowden, Independent Non-Executive Director  


Thank you to our Panel
Julie Sutphen, Software Platform Architect
Hayley Copland, Customer Care Manager
Liv Stacey, Senior Service Delivery Manager
Lucy Sutherland, Head of Trade & Commercial
Marie Pitre, Head of Data & Analytics 
Melinda Snowden, Independent Non-Executive Director 
Chaired by Christie McGuinness, Chief of Staff
Natalie Mell 08 March, 2024

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