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How to set up your workspace at home

Let's put style aside for one minute. (Gasp.) If we're going to be working from home for the long haul, then let's make sure we're, first and foremost, comfortable while we do it. 


Choosing a location

First of all, consider the space that you have. Not all of us are blessed with an extra room for a home office, but you can still work wonders to the corner of your living room, the length of your hallway or the space at the end of your bed. Play around with furniture arrangement to make more space, and try and locate a work spot by a window or glass-panelled doors for natural light. Speaking of which...


The best lighting for work

If you lack natural light, make this up with task lighting. Add floor lamps, table lamps or overhead pendant lights. Alternatively, go for unshaded directional light which reduces shadows and spotlights your work-station.


How to choose a desk 

Here are some useful questions to ask yourself if you're thinking of buying a desk:

- What's the best shape of desk based on the space that you have, and the number of people working at it? Is it a rectangular desk, a corner desk, a longer but slimmer console desk or an L-shaped desk?
- How much usable surface area do you (and your work partner) require? Consider how much space your computer(s), monitor(s), printer and other equipment requires, plus accessories such as filing trays and pen holders. 
- How tall are you? Most desks have a standard height of between 74cm and 76cm which works well for people who are up to 6 feet tall. If you're taller than that, a standing desk or desk with adjustable legs may be more comfortable. 
- Do you want a pull-out keyboard shelf?
- Do you require storage and if so, how much?
- If you want drawers, which side of the desk would you prefer them on?


Browse our desks and filter by type, shape, dimensions and features to find the desk that suits you best. 

How to choose a chair

Dining chairs can be sufficient, but they're ultimately not designed to be sat on for long periods. It's worth investing in an ergonomic office chair with lumbar support, a padded seat that swivels, and adjustment controls. Your body will thank you for it. 

For the ultimate office chair, take your cue from gamers. Inspired by racing car seats, gaming chairs are designed to be used for long periods of time. While we don't advocate sitting all day, a chair with a headrest and high back that cradles your spine and prevents fatigue, certainly makes working from home easier.  


​Also, consider a chair mat to free up mobility and protect your flooring. Even if you have a hard floor that's suitable for chairs on wheels, it's worth using a chair mat to avoid the castors carving grooves into your floor. 

Extras to make you comfortable

Position your monitor so that it is centered in front of you with the top of the screen at or just below eye level. Shop our monitor stands and desk risers to ensure you don't strain your neck, shoulders and back. 

Things getting a little noisy at home? Obviously noise-cancelling headphones make a world of difference, but also consider extra rugs to help absorb the excess noise. 

Temperature not right or can't agree on one with your fellow inmate? Plug in a fan if you're warm, or wrap yourself in a throw if you're feeling chilly. 


Get comfy and look after yourselves. 

Selma Nada Rajah
Selma Nada Rajah 03 April, 2020

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