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DIY metallic plant pots

Stylist Emmaly Stewart added a little metallic magic to three different plant holders. Whether you love the soft hessian pot holder with a customised pattern, the rustic gold-leaf terracotta or the hard-edged masonry with copper feature, you can achieve it with less than $30 and a little elbow grease.  For more inspiring metallic ideas, visit our Metallics Pinterest board

Surrounded by so many great ideas for using metallic tones, we decided to come up with some of our own. Here are three DIY pot ideas, created by T&W stylist Emmaly Stewart. Each design is different, making sure there's a style that suits your home or garden space. Give one a try, or all three. Follow our simple how-to guide below to create your own bit of metallic magic...

Copper Block Pot

You'll need:
1 Besser Masonry block - ours was $2.05 from Bunnings
White paint
Masking tape
Paint brushes
Metallic paint - we used Matisse Structure in "metallic copper"

Step 1 - Preparing the block
Directly on to the block, mark out your desired shape with masking tape. Don't forget the top of the pot, which we marked diagonally. Double-layer the masking tape just in case the paint seeps through later.

Step 2 - Paint the base layer
Fill in the area inside your masking tape stencil with white paint. You can use a paint brush to dab the paint on, helping it to cover the textured surface. Remove the tape and allow the paint to dry.

Step 3 - Add metallic
When it's dry, re-tape with masking tape inside the white painted area. We used the width of the masking tape as a guide to keep things straight. The idea is to create a white frame. Paint over the rest of the white shape with your metallic paint. For great coverage paint two layers, and then remove the masking tape. Voila!

Gold Leaf Terracotta Pot:

You'll need:
1 terracotta pot - ours was $1.49 from Bunnings
Selleys "Aquadhere" PVA wood glue - alternatively you can purchase a specialist gold leafing glue, but it is more expensive
1 drinking straw
About 4 sheets of gold leaf - we used Staedtler's FIMO accessories leaf metal, $15.75 from Eckersley's
2 paint brushes - one for glue, one dry brush for smoothing the gold leaf
An old bowl to put the glue in

Step 1 - Apply the glue
Apply the glue to the pot, one area at a time, then blow it gently with a straw until the glue goes tacky - if it turns from white to clear then it's too dry - you need the in-between stage.

Step 2 - Gold leaf
Place the gold leaf sheet on top of the glue and use a dry paintbrush to smooth it onto the pot. If you use gentle strokes it will go on evenly, whilst dabbing will create a more rustic look with holes and cracks. Brush away the gold leaf that hasn't got any glue to stick to.

Step 3 - Finishing touches
If there are any blank patches you can go back over these with glue and reapply, but when you double layer the gold leaf it can sometimes dull the shine. We're going for an organic look, so we like the holes and cracks, although we did neaten up the top lip of the pot. If you prefer a clear shape use masking tape and glue right up to the edges.

Hessian pot cover:

You'll need-
Hessian material - 1 x 1.8 metre for under $5 from Bunnings
Gold spray paint
Masking tape
Sewing pins
White paint


Step 1 - Cutting the hessian
Cut a circle for the base of the pot. We used a side plate as a guide. Loosely measure the length of the sides of the pot by pinning the hessian around the base, allowing an extra 2cm for the seam. As the Bunnings hessian is thin, we doubled it over.

Step 2 - Painting
After unpinning, paint both the base and both sides of the length white. Fold over the length again, and use gaffer tape to create a cross pattern (you could use sticker dots instead) on one side. Spray this side with gold paint, and also spray one side of the base. Remove the gaffer tape to reveal the pattern.

Step 3  - Sewing
Pin the sides to the base, keeping the gold patterned side and gold side of base on the inside. Hand-stitch around the base and the  vertical join. Cut away any overhang. Fold the pot inside out so the seams are hidden and the gold pattern is on the outside. Fold over the top, revealing the white painted cuff.

Inspired? Pin this story for later, or follow our Metallics Pinterest board for more ideas.

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